2019 Southwest Basketball Regionals

February 10, 2019

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Welcome volunteers!

Thank you for registering to volunteer with Special Olympics Washington at our 2019 Southwest Basketball Regionals February 10th. This event will take place at Foss High School and Wilson High School. Volunteers will help in a variety of roles including scorekeeping, timing, team assistants, individual skills and more!

Volunteeers will use this application to sign up for the location, and shiftthey will be doing at the event. The shift that you register for is where we will be expecting you.

To register, please select "register now" at the right of the page. If you already have an account with Special Olympics Washington, you can select "login". If you have a group you will be volunteering with, you can register everyone in one application using the "register a group of volunteers!" portal.

Questions? Email volunteers@sowa.org